Back in Cali

Random things I like about LA, pt. I
Pink flowers 🌺


Forget the Eiffel Tower! Here are three things to really do when in Paris:

  1. Get at least three scoops of the best ice cream at Berthillon
  2. Skip the Louvre, go check out the Picasso museum
  3. Treat yourself to a dinner at La Coupole – and get the Indian lamb curry!
    Famous since 1927 and SO yummy.

Oh, and if you still have time:
Have your friend take a picture of you casually leaning against an original Parisian wall. Voilà!

Mara Kim in Paris

Random Facts

Things I like:

  • • Sundays with friends and fresh fruit smoothies
  • • Sitting on the beach, toes in the sand
  • • Men in hoodies. Yes, seriously.
  • • That moment when you are too happy to fall asleep

juice with friends

Things I don’t like:

  • • Milk-skin!! Hate it.
  • • Bread crumbs in bed
  • • Wet feet when it’s cold
  • • Diets. I love food too much.