Forget the Eiffel Tower! Here are three things to really do when in Paris:

  1. Get at least three scoops of the best ice cream at Berthillon
  2. Skip the Louvre, go check out the Picasso museum
  3. Treat yourself to a dinner at La Couple – and get the Indian lamb curry!
    Famous since 1927 and SO yummy.

Oh, and if you still have time:
Have your friend take a picture of you casually leaning against an original Parisian wall. Voilà!

Mara Kim in Paris

Random Facts

Things I like:

  • • Sundays with friends and fresh fruit smoothies
  • • Sitting on the beach, toes in the sand
  • • Men in hoodies. Yes, seriously.
  • • That moment when you are too happy to fall asleep

juice with friends

Things I don’t like:

  • • Milk-skin!! Hate it.
  • • Bread crumbs in bed
  • • Wet feet when it’s cold
  • • Diets. I love food too much.



Music is wild. It has gotten me into all sorts of situations. Some of them were… let’s say: interesting. Like that one time in Compton. Yeah, that was actually a little scary. But no, this week was the good kind of wild!

Jay Stolar

Jay Stolar in the vocal booth

I told you I went to NAMM to meet friends. Well, one of these friends is the fabulous Fab Dupont. He works with Jay Stolar, a warm hearted, extremely gifted singer and songwriter from New York. Jay and I had an instant music connection and ended up writing a killer song together. My Berklee friend Sam PK joined us later in the week to produce and write another one with us at the BMG studios. It was as great as it was unexpected. Jay has laid down the vocals for two tracks already and I am looking forward to the moment we can share them with you. In the meantime, make sure you show him some Facebook love and follow him on Instagram.

Sam PK

Sam PK