Random Facts

Things I like:

  • • Sundays with friends and fresh fruit smoothies
  • • Sitting on the beach, toes in the sand
  • • Men in hoodies. Yes, seriously.
  • • That moment when you are too happy to fall asleep

juice with friends

Things I don’t like:

  • • Milk-skin!! Hate it.
  • • Bread crumbs in bed
  • • Wet feet when it’s cold
  • • Diets. I love food too much.


Midnight Thought #5

That you are too thick
That you are too thin
Too loud, too shy
To fit right in–
Too queer, too prim,
too young, too old
Is the biggest lie
Ever been told.


Mona ValeWith every measure
Every beat
I’m falling deeper
in love—


Gritting wheels on empty streets
A familiar sound
It’s just me and the city
At dawn.


It’s easier to criticize rather than to support,
To judge rather than to understand,
To discourage rather than to inspire–

Don’t go the easy way.

To Dance

From the outside, it looks so easy
To dance effortlessly,
Weightlessly through life–
Yet one doesn’t see
The inner fights.

From the dancer’s posture only,
You can tell
He has won.