Midnight Thought #3

A bitch shield is a phenomenon made up by guys who just don’t get when a girl isn’t really into them.

Midnight thought #2

Sometimes it’s okay not to know where you’re going.
Sometimes it’s better to give your heart time than to force a decision.
Sometimes it’s important to say it out loud and allow the confusion.

Because I love

Let's ride a carouselTo me, writing music is a matter of the heart. It’s a chance to share my perception of life, a chance to connect with others on an emotional level. I like the idea that people around the world, who I might not even have met in person, can relate to what I sing about in my songs. That’s why my music has to feel consistent with who I am– otherwise that connection would just not be true.

I am not doing this for the money.
I am not doing this for the fame.
I am doing this simply because I love.

Wanna ride with me?