donations42 concerts in 42 hours–
That was quite the marathon!

As part of the charity campaign ‘Radio 7 Spendenmarathon’ my friend and guitarist Siggi Schwarz and I teamed up to do a street concert tour.

We performed my charity song ‘Uns gehört die Welt’ just about anywhere –on market squares, in cafes, bars and in shopping malls. And as unglamorous this sounds, it actually was a lot of fun!

Best feeling: all donations go straight to the ‘Radio 7 Drachenkinder’ charity, supporting terminally ill children and their families.

You can make donations throughout the year!

Fun At Freudenhaus

My friend Patrik owns a studio in Berlin that puts a high pass filter on my mood any time: Freudenhaus. You should go ahead and google-translate its name.
On that note– my bestie Franzi and I recorded a song together ♡ We harmonize indeed.

studio time


I love talking. I love music.
So I guess, it was about time I put these two things together –and host a radio show!
I’m on air every Sunday presenting the ‘Radio 7 Top 20’ chart show ♡

on air



Gritting wheels on empty streets
A familiar sound
It’s just me and the city
At dawn.


I almost feel “leaving the comfort zone” has become a trend among hipsters, life hackers and start-up CEOs, who, driven by their thirst for adventure, find themselves either climbing Mount Everest or surfing on some uninhabited island in the Pacific (luckily they brought sat phones).

What their sunset Instagram photos and memes on Tumblr don’t tell you:
It can be quite scary to let go of familiar concepts of life, who you should be, or what you should do– that’s why you close your eyes when you jump.*


*and hold your nose when you do.


There is something about you, Berlin.
Something that makes my heart beat a little faster.
I can’t put my finger on it. But maybe I don’t have to.