Today I started co-hosting the Radio 7 Morningshow.

As some of you might already know, I had been hosting a fun music format for about a year –The Radio 7 Top 20– while working as Radio 7’s on air designer and producer.

Now, I was given a huge opportunity, the trust and creative freedom to shape the sound concept of the Radio 7 Morning Show by producing the new jingle package.

I feel incredibly lucky to collaborate with some of my most gifted friends and turn that musical vision into reality!

A huge THANK YOU goes out to my partners in crime: Benjamin Krause and Juan Carlos Enriquez. I am in awe for your musicality, your talent and tireless will to push –you’re just badass. I’m truly grateful for our journey, our friendship.

Thank you Noe, FAB, Gus & Justin at Igloo Music for your advice, passion and love. And of course, Charles Simmons and Alana for laying your soul into our melodies.

Lastly, thank all of YOU for believing in me and giving me the strength to leave my comfort zone on a regular basis to explore and experience the MAGIC.