There are definitely parallels between writing a song and producing a radio show. The technical aspects aside, you do sit down and think about what topics people could be interested in, where they will be listening to you and how you want the whole thing to sound like. For instance, when I composed the Ultra Music Festival hymn World in your Hands, I knew I was writing for people partying and dancing to the track.
Then, of course, you want to bring yourself to the table, as well, say what you want to say. So this is where it gets interesting.
To me, creating a concept and producing a show feels very similar to writing the melody, lyrics and arrangement for a song. Whereas radio hosting is very much like singing. It’s about you getting on the mic and hopefully making a connection with people.
On my six-hour Radio 7 NYE-special I got to do it all: from creating the idea, writing, selecting music beds to producing and presenting. I loved every part of it.

Thank you for tuning in ♡ Happy New Year!